About Patty Spano and Right Pro Realty

Patty Spano: Real Estate Broker, Woodridge, IL

I am dedicated to servicing REO properties full time and consider myself to be educated and experienced in this field. I feel that my professionalism can provide outstanding service.  I have handled all aspects involved in the management and sale of repossessed Real Estate in Illinois.  I also have extensive training and knowledge in the marketing of Luxury homes. I make it my priority to personally meet the rigid time line criteria, follow up on all matters, and diligently communicate all information as needed.  I have dedicated responsible staff members, several which are family, that also assist in our daily operations as a team.

I am a proud member of NRBA , served as the  Master Broker for the State of Illinois for 2 years, and then was appointed as a Director three years ago and currently hold the position.  I regularly attend educational seminars to continue developing and maintaining a professional status, and so that I may continue to be up to the minute with the trends in our Economy & Real Estate market nationwide

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